IBP featured in Devex: innovative approaches to preventing duplication in SRH

How can we ensure that evidence-based SRH guidelines from global organisations such as WHO reach and are implemented in local communities?  How can field-based know-how on FP/SRH programming be shared with the larger global SRH community?


Nandita Thatte, lead of the IBP Network Secretariat, speaks to Devex about the challenges and opportunities of sharing knowledge, fostering collaborations, and preventing duplication in the SRH space. She speaks about the innovative approaches that IBP has taken in the past 20 years to promote knowledge sharing of what works – including the IBP Online Platform, the many and highly appreciated IBP webinars, and our recent project of providing financial and technical support to local organisations in using storytelling to document and share recommendations from implementing and adapting global guidance to local context.

Read the full interview here!   

(Photo credit: Jonathan Torgovnik / Getty Images Reportage) 

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