IBP recnetly hosted a webinar to launch the Covid-19 Safe Abortion Response Map. 

The recording from this webinar and the related slides can now be accessed on the IBP Platform. 


What is the  Covid-19 Safe Abortion Response Map? 

This map is an interactive tool that highlights how organizations adapted their safe abortion and post-abortion care (PAC) programs to maintain service delivery while seeking to protect their clients, staff, and communities from contracting COVID-19.

You can explore the map via the IBP Platform! 


View the webinar recordin to learn more! 

In this webinar, which marks the global launch of the COVID-19 Safe Abortion Response Map, speakers share stories from four countries, capturing resilience, digital innovation, and persistent advocacy to maintain access to safe abortions and PAC during the pandemic:

  • Telemedicine adaptation in South Africa - Rachel Misra, MSI Reproductive Choices
  • Maintaining access to PAC and information in Sudan through a hotline model - Kateera Ahmed, IPPF's Association in Sudan, SFPA
  • PAC phone-follow-up adaptation in Mozambique - Katia Amado, Pathfinder
  • IPC adaptation in Benin - Ando Tiana Raobelison, PSI
  • Moderated by Eva Lathrop, PSI.
  • Discussion on utility and future development of the map led by Ulrika Rehnström Loi, HRP and the WHO Department of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Research.    

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