Covid-19 adaptations and strategies: new interactive map!

In May 2020, the WHO/IBP Network, the Knowledge SUCCESS project and the Research for Scalable Solutions (R4S) project formed the COVID-19 and Family Planning/Reproductive Health Task Team to create a space to discuss challenges faced by family planning stakeholders during the pandemic. Members shared both short-term adaptations and longer-term strategies in response, and the Task Team has documented these in an interactive map.


Click on a country on the map to explore identified COVID-19 challenges faced, the adaptations implemented, and contact information if you’d like to speak directly with the program described. You can also view the map by programmatic area.

The content is available in English and French. 

The Task Team also invites you to contribute information about how you are adapting family planning activities during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The map is available on the IBP Platform. To explore the map and learn how to contribute to it, simply click here!

It is accessible to IBP members as well as to those who are not already members of the IBP Platform - so please feel free to share the link widely within your network!


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