Covid-19 and digital platforms - webinar recordings in English and French!

Our recent webinar on Covid-19 and digital platforms in FP/RH can now be viewed online! 

There is growing evidence that digital technologies can be used to support health systems and providers and link clients to information and services. The covid19 pandemic has pressed fast-forward on the use of these technologies across the globe to help address both supply and demand side challenges in family planning and reproductive health and reproductive rights.

In this session we address:

  •  How and why digital adaptations to FP / RH programmes come about during the corona virus pandemic and how we are capturing the emerging evidence for future guidance
  •  Who has benefited from the accelerated use of digital interventions, who has not, and how we are protecting users
  •  Consequences of the unintended digital revolution. What will we keep, and what will we let go of?

The recording of the webinar is available both in English and in French in our collection of resources onthe platform - where you also find many other IBP webinar recordings! 

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