New articles in the GANM Library - COVID-19, HIV, and Cancer

Nov 05, 2020

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In this week’s edition of the GANM library research brief we bring to you articles published recently regarding COVID-19 and human physiology to community testing of HIV in Kenya to Medicaid expansion and cancer mortality. 



Kidde, J. & Sahebkar, A. (2020). From foe to Friend in COVID-19: RAS inhibitors. The Journal of Infectious Diseases, 629.


In this article the Renin-angiotensin system is discussed in the context of COVID-19, specially ACEIs and ARBS. In recent studies it was shown that these types of medications were associated with increased expression of ACE2, a receptor used by SARS-CoV-2. This article seeks to further explore this phenomenon and die further into the research



Truong, H., Mocello, A., Ouma, D., Bushman, D., Kadede, K., Ating’a, E., Obunge, D., Bukusi, E., Odhiambo, F., Cohen, C. (2020). Community-based HIV testing services in an urban setting in western Kenya: A programme implementation study. The Lancet. DOI:


Countries across the globe are having difficulty reaching the UNAIDS target of 90% of all individuals with HIV knowing their status. This article seeks to explore community-based HIV testing in an urban setting in order to ensure those with HIV know their status. Findings include 101 newly diagnosed individuals and increasing percentages of identified individuals.  



Lam, M. B., Phelan, J., Orav, E. J., Jha, A. K., Keating, N. L.. (2020). Medicaid expansion and mortality among patients with breast, lung, and colorectal cancer. JAMA Network Open. 2020;3(11):e2024366. doi:10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2020.24366


Is Medicaid expansion associated with changes in mortality for patients with cancer? This is the question researchers recently looked at in an article published in JAMA. In this cross-sectional study Medicaid expansion was associated with decreased mortality in states that expanded Medicaid compared to states that did not expand. Researchers believe this is due to earlier diagnosis of cancer. 

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