Webinar recording: Interagency framework on digital health interventions with and for young people

The recording of the recent, successful webinar on digital health interventions with and for young people is now available online! You can access it from our collection of resources here on the IBP community engagement platform, where you also find recordings from other past IBP hosted webinars! 


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Global launch: Interagency framework on digital health interventions with and for young people

We live in a time where digital health interventions (DHIs) are more relied-upon than ever before and there is an overwhelming number of tools to generate content and reach young users (i.e. new social media platforms, influencers, chatbots). This guidance consolidates lessons learned from the first generation of ‘digital4youth’ interventions to ensure the renewed hype around digital doesn’t outpace good intervention development principles. The guidance is targeted towards designers, developers, implementers, researchers, and funders of adolescent/youth-centred DHIs, and describes the key steps in progressing from DHI planning to implementation. Each step in the guidance is detailed in a brief section which includes examples of current practices, tips and warnings, a repository of resources, and case studies from leaders in the field. Importantly, every section highlights the unique features/considerations for undertaking that step with meaningful youth engagement.

‘Meaningful youth engagement’ can be difficult for organizations to take on and implement systematically. As such, the launch will highlight case studies of promising, ‘positive deviants’ in the space of youth engagement and DHI development using five-minute ‘lightning talks’. Then, an interactive Q&A session will consider what is needed to improve youth engagement and leadership in this second generation of digital4youth.

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