AlignMNH: Collective Action for Maternal Newborn Health

With only 10 years left to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), there is an urgent need to accelerate progress toward improved maternal, perinatal and newborn outcomes and ensure women and newborns survive and thrive.

In response to this need, a new initiative is being launched, AlignMNH: Collective Action for Maternal Newborn Health, to nurture a culture of information sharing and priority actions behind which the MNH community can align in the drive toward achieving the SDGs.

Shaped by country engagement and priorities, AlignMNH will serve to amplify existing efforts; more rapidly disseminate emerging evidence and science; fuel country-led coordinated advocacy and action; identify, translate and curate learning that is actionable and accessible to guide program implementation; and promote mutual accountability.

Through regular, predictable convenings, both in-person and virtual, and a knowledge-sharing hub, and by facilitating multidirectional and dynamic learning, dialogue and debate within and across countries and regions, the AlignMNH platform will promote opportunities to work across countries to share learning, identify challenges, generate solutions and celebrate progress.

Please complete a brief Global MNH Survey to share your thoughts on how we can work together to accelerate improvements in maternal, perinatal and newborn health and well-being. The Global MNH Survey is available in English and French and it should be completed by October 20.

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