NEW FEATURE ON YOUR USER PROFILE: link your profile to several countries!

List multiple countries in which you operate or have experience from! 

We have introduced a new feature that enables you to link your profile to several countries. Besides selecting the one country you are currently located, you can now also add an unlimited number of countries in which you are operating profesionally or in which you have previous work experience.

You can edit your information under "Countries in which you oeprate/have experience" in your profile. 



Under the tab "People" you will now also be able to search for other members, based on what countries they have experience from. In addition to the official WHO member states, you can also select from seven differen regions as well as the more general option "GLOBALLY". 


We encourage you to update your profile with this information and to start exploring the members who have experience from countries and regions that interst you, via the search function! 


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